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DAY ONE- August 25

Introduction & Opening Remarks


OPENING PANEL The Future of Engagement: Keeping Up with AI and the Latest Trends to be Relevant in Fast Changing Times

Join this panel for a frank and wide-ranging discussion of the issues that are critical to effective member engagement for plans for the next 18months and beyond. The COVID-19 pandemic and fast developing technology has transformed every industry – especially healthcare. Plans must reinvent their engagement strategies to successfully reach members where they stand today. This panel will discuss how health plans can effectively reach, engage, and incentivize members to complete outstanding and upcoming health actions. Topics include:

  • Bridging the gap from paper and old-school phone campaigns to an omnichannel, digital-first approach that reaches 100% of members, 100% of the time
  • Leveraging personalized rewards and incentives programs to improve member experience and satisfaction
  • Moving from transactional engagement to relational engagement to succeed in the next evolution of the healthcare industry
  • Using scalable digital engagement tools to save costs, drive profitability, and stay relevant in a post-pandemic world



Ron Cornell,Director of Product Innovation,FIRST CHOICE HEALTH PLAN


Brian McLane,Senior Director, Market Intelligence and Digital Products,Priority Health

Kent Holdcroft,Executive Vice President,HEALTHMINE

Jan Smith Reed,Director, US Healthcare,T-BASE COMMUNICATIONS


Build Member Self-efficacy with Conversational AI and Streaming Education

In a landscape filled with uncertainty around COVID-19 and Vaccination hesitancy, health plans are under increased pressure to provide resources, support, and education to their population. But one size doesn’t fit all, and right-sizing engagement to align with each member’s unique needs grow increasingly important in activating consumers. In this session, we will showcase how to drive outcomes by engaging members using tailored dialogue and streaming education that inspires health literacy and behavior change at scale. Session Takeaways:

  • Increasing member engagement by communicating through their preferred channels and delivering personalized content
  • Leveraging experiential data to drive curated content and lift program utilization
  • How learning technology and behavioral data science inspire health literacy with outcomes from current clients
  • Using technology to build lasting relationships that drive member retention and satisfaction

Paul Feiner,Senior Director, Engagement Strategy,mPulse Mobile

Allison Gage,Chief Engagement Officer,mPulse Mobile




Optimizing Platform Migration With Letter Platform Transformation

This presentation will do a deep dive into the highlights and lowlights of legacy platform migration to the latest CCM tools available on the market. Highmark Health, HM Health Solutions, and HM Document Solutions have recently embarked on a multi-million dollar transformation journey to modernize and consolidate their core letter generation platforms. Explore Highmark Health’s all-encompassing strategy, technical approach, and desired outcomes related to the mass migration of 11M Blue Cross Blue Shield members supporting 12 health plans nationally.

  • Lines of Business Impacted:
    • national
    • large/small group
    • individual
    • ACA
    • Medicaid
    • Medicare Advantage.
  • Strategy:
    • Implementation Approach
    • Desired Outcomes
    • Security
    • Accessible
    • Digital Transformation
    • API Consumption and Integration
    • Customer Self-Serviceability
    • Return on Investment
  • Outcomes:
    • Member/Patient Preference Management
    • CMS Auditability
    • Reduce breach/unintentional disclosure potential
    • Automated Compliance Monitoring and Error Reporting

Jason Fonner,Director of Business Development,HM Health Solutions


Effective Strategies to Harness Tech: How to Build your own “Shark Tank” in Choosing Appropriate Technology

Healthcare is amid a transformation. There are more innovators than ever, solving a wider variety of healthcare’s needs. The challenge to finding the optimal solution is assessing those solutions’ capabilities to meet your specific needs. This session discusses ways to evaluate healthcare innovation to empower the RFP process.  

Let us answer the following questions and more:
Sifting Through the Static: Innovation identification, where do you look?
Thinking Beyond Clinical Outcomes: Who gets a seat at the table?
Addressing the Pay, Provider, and Patient Needs: What is the quadruple aim?

Past, Present, and Future Thinking: How do you future pace opportunities during the assessment process?

Alex P. Kunz M.S. ACSM-EP,VITAL Business Development,HIGHMARK HEALTH


Engagement Beyond Segmentation

Segmentation is touted as the cutting edge of personalization, but people are more than psychographic segments + medical condition. Each of us is unique; a segment of one. To truly engage consumers, we need digital capabilities and behavioral models that personalize conversation, content and service offers by incorporating each consumer’s beliefs, values, metaphors, life circumstances, as well as medical and risk data. Cultivating persistent contextually relevant relationships change behavior Add choice architecture and a meaningful mix of services, you change the game, radically better outcomes on a cost-effective basis.
Learning Objectives

  • Overview a health change model built on behavioral economics to drive exponentially higher participation in preventive care and care management
  • How omni-channel Virtual Care Team Assistants improve and scale engagement
  • How to apply ‘guided choice’ in driving higher levels of program and care adoption
  • How to implement the model

Neal Sofian,CEO,tuzak, Inc


Lunch Break


Effective Virtual Care Delivery Also Equals Effective Engagement and Retention

Angel Ems-McLaren,Director, Commercial Product,HEALTH ALLIANCE PLAN


Nudging Members Towards Empowerment: Using Digital and Virtual to Create a more Empowered Engagement Journey

Learn how health plans can harness digital engagement technology to empower members to take the right actions at the right time to improve their health. Topics include:

  • Leveraging digital tools to scale member engagement efforts, close gaps in care, and drive health outcomes
  • Implementing a smart rewards and incentives program powered by omnichannel communication to nudge members to complete personalized health actions
  • Using data synchronization to integrate clinical and non-clinical (e.g., SDOH) data to create a complete, longitudinal member record
  • Collecting and aggregating CAHPS, HRA, and other self-reported survey data in real time to initiate interventions and improve member experience

Kent Holdcroft,Executive Vice President,HEALTHMINE

Melissa Smith,Executive Vice President, Consulting and Professional Services,HEALTHMINE


Applying Digital and Virtual to Leverage Community Programs: Attract, Communicate, Engage and Retain

Bridget Hollingsworth Stafford,Director, Community Outreach and Strategic Partnerships,HEALTH ALLIANCE PLAN

Steven Selinsky,Vice President of Product Strategy, Marketing and Community Outreach,HEALTH ALLIANCE PLAN







Educating Members on Technology Innovations & Communicating Value

So, you have new technology and need to get members engaged, but the questions start pouring in. What is engagement? What does it look like? We will discuss the questions to ask yourself before implementing and educating members about new technology.

Alex P. Kunz M.S. ACSM-EP,VITAL Business Development,HIGHMARK HEALTH

Kenneth Rayl, Manager of Qualitative Research,HIGHMARK HEALTH


How Providers and Plans Can Help Each Other in the Engagement Mission

  • Health plans most forgotten customer
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Impact on Star Ratings
  • Wellness Coupons

Billy Justice, Directory Marketing & Sales,VANTAGE HEALTH PLAN


Listen to the Data: The key to Acquiring, Engaging and Keeping Users.

Kyle Hocking, Director of Marketing, Joint Academy

Kelly Gentile, Director of Client Success, Joint Academy


Virtual Networking

August 26

How Plans and Exchanges can Work together to Increase Engagement and Value

    The challenge of aligning communication between the carriers and the exchange.
  • Communicating accurate and effective messages in a chaotic time with many moving targets
  • The possibilities for the small business environment
  • How to create messaging that accommodates new people but doesn’t get repetitive?
  • How to design engemermet into user design and messaging in content and materials used by the field force and given to workers and navigators?

Betsy PlunkettDirector, Marketing & Web Strategies,MARYLAND HEALTH BENEFIT EXCHANGE

Michael Marchand, CHP,Chief Marketing Officer,WASHINGTON HEALTH BENEFIT EXCHANGE


The Complete Member Journey - Optimizing Results at the Intersection of Member Acquisition, Engagement, Experience, and Retention

Holistic member engagement across the enterprise: enabling a cohesive and consistent member experience from acquisition to engagement to retention to drive Growth, Health, & Quality -- real world results with positive ROI.

Kurt WaltenbaughCEO Carrot Health


How to Create Stickiness in Engagement Messaging

How often do you receive an email or SMS and immediately trash or ignore it? Happens to me several times a day. And it likely happens to our members thousands of times a day. What is the impact and what can we do to be more relevant in our members’ lives?

Steven CarletonVice President Customer ExperiencePREMERA


From Recruitment to Adoption: How to Reimagine the Digital Member Experience at your Health Plan Summary

An improved experience has become something of a buzzword in healthcare today. But health plan leaders know this concept is key to winning and retaining business in a crowded market. So what does a positive experience actually look like—and how can you ensure your digital strategy delivers when it comes to better satisfaction, benefits utilization, and brand loyalty?

Discussion points:

  • How to market to your members in a digitally focused and multi-channel world while standing out from your competition
  • How to make your campaigns member-centric
  • Tools and strategies for building, launching, and measuring campaigns to your members from recruitment to adoption
  • How health plans can better guide members to their digital assets, like telehealth, wellness programs and care management support
  • Actionable first-steps to strengthen your plan’s member experience

Erin Clark,Member Marketing Manager,Wellframe


Effectively Applying SDoH Data to Generate Engagement and Impact Health Outcomes

Studies have shown that social factors may be responsible for up to 80% of health outcomes. Effectively tackling social determinants of health (SDoH) and health inequities can be an overwhelming concept. A key first step in the process is harnessing rich data to help drive informed decisions. Priority Health has launched a new, data-driven, full lifecycle SDoH program that helps address critical needs at both the member and community level. During this session you will gain insight into:

  • Data acquisition and transformation
  • Understanding community and individual insights and using them to close SDoH gaps
  • Connecting communities and members with the resources needed to help address SDoH
  • Working with partners to reduce the time to market for solutions

Brian McLaneSenior Director, Market Intelligence and Digital Products Priority Health


Mixing it Up in Mental Health and Medicare: Leveraging Personalized Digital Experiences to Match People with Providers and Products.

Two Cases Studies:

  1. Finding a behavioral health care professional specific to the unique needs of a member can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Traditional provider finders fall short in matching people with specialty care, specifically the right behavioral health provider. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas set out to solve this problem by leveraging an intuitive online platform that allows people to privately search and select the perfect provider.
  2. Business is booming in Medicare as the largest generation ages into new product offerings. See how Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas used human centered design to build a digital loyalty program.

Mike Gerrish,Vice President, Marketing and Customer Experience, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas


3 Dreamy Digital Engagement Ideas That Will Have Your Compliance Team (and your Members) Eating Out of your Hand

Sounds too good to be true? Not really. As a digital engagement pioneer and now communications orchestration platform, HealthCrowd has had significant exposure to compliance teams and state agencies. We understand their concerns and work closely with health plan business stakeholders to find middle ground and effectively manage risk. We will share strategies and actions you can take now and in the future to be competitive and to best meet your members’ expectations. All content will be accompanied by demonstrated outcomes and case studies.

Annemieke Umberg Director of Member Engagement HealthCrowd


Conference Concludes. Contest Winners Announced